7 Tips for Buying Gifts That Will Be Treasured Forever

As givers, we hate to think of any gift we give going into the trash can but it can be overwhelming to figure out the perfect present. According to the information resource site, Gitnux.com, 55% of people ask for help in finding the right present for family or friends.

As you search for a gift that will fill the recipient’s heart rather than their trash bin, why not consider one that they will not only keep…but treasure?

🧶 A Personal Touch

If you think about gifts you’ve received throughout your lifetime, which ones stand out to you? Do you still have any of them? Chances are good that the ones that come to mind have one thing in common – they were chosen just for you.

There are multiple ways you can go about finding a gift that is tailored for the person you are giving it to. Here are some of the best ideas:

1. Give a Memory

No matter how you slice it, photos are the source of some of the most sentimental gifts of all.

Whether you choose a funny one, old one, or one that is heartfelt, you just can’t go wrong when you give a picture-perfect gift.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can simply purchase an inexpensive photo frame or repurpose one you have.

Photos can be printed in all sizes for next to nothing. Or, you can get really creative and shoot for a canvas, acrylic, or metal photo like those at Easy Canvas.

Want to really go all out? Consider having a photo album made or even a Zazzle t-shirt, mug, or cap.

TIP: You will want to allow time on this one since it may take several weeks for your project to be completed. If mailing is involved, allow even more time.

2. Think Outside the Box

Pre-planning is very helpful with this outside-the-box gift that is really inside the box.

One of the most personal gifts you can give is a memory of the years gone by – perfect for grandparents, parents, siblings, long-time friends, partner, and even your children.

Find or make a special box or container and fill it with memories. Gather things that remind you of the recipient.

A rock the two of you found on a hike, a coin with their birth year on it, and a concert ticket stub to an event you went to together decades ago all make excellent contents for a memory box.

You can even customize the box by making it the recipient’s favorite color or a theme that’s fitting.

TIP: This project can be time consuming so it’s best to plan ahead.

Start collecting things now which will make great keepsakes for a box you will create later on.

If the keepsake mementos are accessible now, all you’ll need to do is to collect them and create the box.

3. Etched in the Heart

Customizing a gift makes it far more personal and special. You can purchase a present, like jewelry, that comes with engraving or have an item you already have engraved at a specialty store.

Suggestions include a little message like “I love you”, “Forever in my heart”, and simply their name and perhaps the year.

Some engraving services will even add a small birthday to the service, and it just doesn’t get any more heartfelt than that.

TIP: You’ll want to plan ahead for this project.

If you find you don’t have time for online ordering, many malls and some jewelry stores offer on-site engraving.

4. A Super Sweet Gift

Everyone loves candy so why not make it personal and delicious?

M&Ms are available for customization with a name, theme, or message on each delectable candy.

You can also order personalized candy labels on Etsy that are made to wrap around chocolate bars.

5. A Stitch in Time

One of the most memorable treasures you can gift someone is to have a quilt made of their favorite t-shirts.

If you are a quilter, you can even do a DIY t-shirt quilt project yourself.

Doing it in a specific theme makes it even more fun – like using rock band t-shirts for a music lover or childhood team t-shirts for a sports fan.

Memory Stitch is one of the best places to have a t-shirt quilt made because the process online is quick and simple.

TIP: Pulling this great project off may be tricky. Unless the gift is for someone who lives in your household, you may need help to sneak the t-shirts out.

Two viable options include making up a reason you need the shirts or coming clean and giving a great gift that’s not a surprise.

Even though you may really want to surprise the recipient, you may end up with a better selection of t-shirts if you simply ask for them.

6. Add to the Collection

Does the intended recipient of your gift collect anything? If so, adding to the collection means your gift won’t be re-gifted or thrown away.

From vintage spoons and unique thimbles to beer steins and decks of playing cards, people collect most everything imaginable.

If your person doesn’t collect anything, maybe you’ve caught wind that they’d like to and if so, you’re in luck. You can jump start their collection.

TIP: If it’s impossible or impractical to add to a collection, you could opt for getting them a niche informational book about their particular type of collection.

7. Lasting Project

Take your special someone to a place where you make a memory, literally.

You’ll find establishments you can go to and create a project like painting a canvas or spinning pottery. You get to take your art home so there’s the gift and to top it off, some sessions include wine in the mix.

TIP: Surprising your friend or family member with a craft day or night out is fun but if you have to spill the beans, you can let them know you’re taking them somewhere but keep the “what” and “where” a secret.

There you have it, seven great suggestions for gifts that will be treasured forever. If none of them fit your fancy, maybe one will spur your own creativity into action. The main thing is that you spend some thought getting past the mundane gifts to find those that tug at the heartstrings instead.

Cheryl Jerabek
Cheryl Jerabek
Cheryl is a professional writer that has been writing ever since she could hold a crayon. She has authored over 200 fiction and non-fiction books for teens and adults (both credited and ghost-written) on a wide range of subjects. Cheryl also writes blogs and articles on various topics and themes. Residing in a small mountain community in Southwest Colorado, Cheryl draws her inspiration from the gorgeous scenery, her 2 adult children, and 3 grandchildren. She enjoys traveling, party and event planning, and hanging out with family and friends. “I write so you don’t have to,” is Cheryl’s motto.

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