Gift Ideas For Bakers

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Specialty Flavorings

Achieving intricate flavors is all about the ingredients. Give them some flavors that they can use in their recipes with a selection of premium specialty flavorings.

Orange Zest / Peel

Fruit Extracts

Rose Petals

Baking Subscription Box

Give them new supplies such as baking related ingredients, tools, and utensils by getting them a subscription to a monthly baking subscription box.

There are many different baking box providers, so make sure to check out and compare several. Here are some to get you started:

See which ones you think that they would prefer and which deliver to the recipients location.

Premium Flours

Flour is a staple that is required for many baked goods. Give them a premium experience with this essential ingredient by getting them some high quality flours.

For those who prefer gluten free options, consider something like a coconut flour for example.

Custom Personalized Rolling Pin

A rolling pin is an essential item in a baker’s repertoire. Make it special for them by getting one that’s custom engraved.

Pure Vanilla Extract

Pure vanilla extract is like the “caviar” or “truffles” of baking. It’s among the most premium ingredients there are, and bakers know that.

By getting them a some high quality pure vanilla extract, they will most definitely appreciate and know the value of it.

Homemade Vanilla Extract Kit

For those who are extra hands-on and like to customize their creations to upmost degree, a homemade vanilla extract kit can introduce them to creating the cherished ingredient themselves.

Specialty Sugars

Did you know the varieties of sugars there are can get pretty intricate? 

Consider getting them some higher quality and less commonly used sugars for their baking.

India Tree Light Muscovado Sugar, 1 LB (Pack of 4)
$33.60 ($0.52 / Ounce)
View Product
12/17/2023 06:23 pm GMT

Premium Honey Or Maple Syrup

Honey or maple syrup can be used as an alternative source of sweetness. In this regard, some premium honey or authentic maple syrups can be something that a baker can come to enjoy.

Personalized Apron

An apron is an essential item for a baker. Make it special by getting them a personalized custom apron

There are many websites or services where you can get personalized aprons, such as:

Baking Spices

Spices are another dimension that can be used to adding flavor to baked goods. A spice set is a neat way of getting them a variety of spice types that they can use in their baking.

High Quality Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is another one of those baking ingredients that can get get quite pricey and premium. It can therefore make for a pretty significant gift that a baker can enjoy.

There are however various producers that specialize in making cocoa powders. Some that you could explore include:

Valrhona – A French chocolate company that produces high-quality cocoa powder for baking and pastry applications. Their cocoa powder is often favored by professional chefs and bakers for its intense chocolate flavor and rich, deep color.

Valrhona Pure Cocoa Powder 8.8 oz.
$17.97 ($2.04 / Ounce)
View Product
12/17/2023 05:54 pm GMT

Guittard – An American chocolate company that has been producing cocoa and chocolate products for over 150 years. Their cocoa powder is known for its rich, smooth flavor and deep chocolate aroma, and is often used in high-end desserts and baked goods.

Cacao Barry – A Belgian chocolate company that produces a range of cocoa powders for use in baking and pastry. Their cocoa powders are known for their intense flavor and aroma, as well as their ability to provide a smooth texture in baked goods.

Custom Cookie Cutter Set

Rather then using a typical cookie cutter set, you could get them a customizable one, that’s not so.. how do you put it.. “cookie cutter”.

Cake Decorating Brush Set

Get them into decorating cakes like it’s a true canvas with a robust set of cake brushes.

Miniature Baking Tools

For parents who enjoy baking with their kids, a set of miniature baking tools is a cute idea that the whole family can enjoy. 


For those who love baking their own bread, a breadmaker can make for a nice gift idea.

But of course, as a baker might have higher expectations for a baking device, you may want to go for a breadmaker that’s well reviewed by pros, such as those by Zojirushi.

Bread Proofing Basket

For those who haven’t yet gotten into bread making, a bread proofing basket set is a great way to get them started.

High Quality Ceramic Bakeware

Bakeware is essential and used by bakers on a regular basis. If their existing bakeware is fairly worn, or if you want to get them something that’s super practical and special, consider getting them a good set of quality ceramic bakewares.

Gift Certificate For Online Baking Lessons

Help them further improve their baking skills and learn new recipes and techniques with an online baking course.

There are various online platforms that feature lessons on baking, such as:

Check out the baking courses out there and consider getting them a gift card for a subscription for one of them.

Professional Baking Dough Tools

For the more casual baker, help them expand their skills and techniques with some essential pastry and dough tools.

Wooden Measuring Cups

Precision is key when preparing ingredients. Help them achieve precision while giving off some unique flare with some stylish wood measuring cups.

Silicone Baking Mat

A silicone baking mat can make for a great prep surface. With added sizing and measurement outlines, it can also provide some great utility.

Electric Fondue Pot

For those who like to add fondue to their mix of treats and offerings, a fondue pot can make for a great gift idea.

Go On A City Bakery Hop Together

For a day’s excursion together, consider taking them out for a city bakery hop.

Similar to a bar hop, make a list of bakeries to visit, and try out a couple.

Search for bakeries near where you’re located. If you’re in a smaller town that doesn’t have many or any bakeries, consider going on a road trip to a larger nearby city.

Try out bakeries that specialize in different types of baked goods, such as cakes, cookies, pastries, pies, biscuits, and more.

Make a solid list of which ones you’ll visit in order, and make a plan for getting from one to the next.

Marble Pastry Board

Give them the ability to get into their dough rolling and prepping without having to worry about their countertops with a marble pastry board.

Digital Kitchen Scale

As another dimension of precision, weight can be as important as volume. A food kitchen scale is the key to measuring out weight to precision.

Make A Custom / Homemade Recipe Book For Them

Nothing shows as much thought and consideration as something that’s personalized and created by the gift giver. 

One thing that you could do for someone who loves to bake is to create a custom / homemade recipe book for them. 

If you’re making it for a family member, such as your sibling, you could create it using another family member’s recipes, such as your grandma’s.

You could make the recipe book simple, by simply hand writing recipes in a notebook.

Or you can make a more sophisticated design, by creating it using a design tool

Some design tools / platforms that feature templates for designing recipe books include:

Recipe Journal

Give them a nice place to jot down their own recipes and notes with a baking themed recipe journal.

Sous Vide Machine

Sous Vide is a cooking method that has been seeing increasing popularity. Did you know that the Sous Vide method can be used for baking as well?

If it’s not something that they’ve explored, then getting them a Sous Vide cooker can make for an interesting idea. 

Gift Certificate To A Baking Supply Store

Give them the gift of high quality ingredients that they can use in their baking by getting them a gift certificate to a baking supply store.

Check your local area if there are any specialty baking supply stores.

Alternatively, here are some retailers that you can check out, with information about the gift cards they offer:

Baking Themed Board Game

For wholesome family fun with a baking related theme, consider getting them a board game.

Specialty Baking Pans

There are numerous different baking styles and execution methods, that call for using different types of pans.

Help them get into these different styles and methods by getting them a corresponding pan.

Bundt Pan

Pullman Loaf Pan

Charlotte Mold

Gobel Charlotte Mold, Gray
$33.99 $27.09
View Product
12/16/2023 08:20 pm GMT

Stollen Pan

Poffertjes Pan

Madeleine pan

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