Gift Ideas For BBQ / Grillers

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Grill Basket

Grill baskets are great for throwing on smaller items onto the grill without having to worry that they’ll fall in through the grill cracks.

Grill Thermometer

Grilling meats properly is all about temperature. Help them get their grill temperatures just right with a quality thermometer.

There are also wireless options that can let them see the temperature from outside of the grill as well.

Tickets To Attend A Professional BBQ Competition

Have the gift recipient experience BBQ as the pros do it by getting them tickets to a professional BBQ / grilling competition.

There are grilling competitions all over the world, so search online to see if there are any in your local area.

Otherwise, here are some big ones to check out, and information on how to get tickets:

Scraper / Cleaning Tool

A scraper is fundamental to keeping a grill clean. Scrapers get worn over time, so consider getting them a new high quality one as a replacement.

Grill Mat

Have you seen a grill mat before? It’s a nifty addition that lets you place objects on in the grill without worrying about them falling in between the spaces. 

It’s a nice addition for any griller to have in their repertoire if they haven’t tried using one yet.

Grill Tools

Tools for the grill, such as tongs and spatulas are essential. 

If they’ve been using the same old tools for years now, consider getting them a refresh with a good set of high quality grill tools.

Grill Cover

Help them keep their grill protected after use or during the winter with a good quality cover. Make sure it’s versatile and can be used for different types and sizes of grills.

Grilling Cookbook

Take a grilling class

Help them perfect their grilling craft by getting them a gift certificate for a grilling class

  • Weber Grill Academy – Located in Shaumburg, IL. They offer eGift  cards for their academy.
  • Sur La Table – Offers cooking classes across the US, with some classes focused around grilling / BBQ. They also offer gift cards.
  • BrisketU – Offers courses across the US to excel as a backyard pitmaster. They also offer gift cards for their classes.

In addition to in-person classes, there are also online platforms that offer BBQ classes

One to note can be found on Masterclass, which features a course by pitmaster Aaron Franklin.

Premium BBQ Rubs

Turn up their grilled meat flavors with a nice set of premium barbecue rubs.

DIY BBQ Sauce Making Kit

For those who are crafty and like to put their personal touch on things, a DIY sauce making kit is a great idea.

Smoker Box

Smoking and grilling are like two peas in a pod, perfectly going hand in hand together. Short of getting a whole new smoker grill, you could get them a smoker box that could be used on their existing grill.

Infused Salts

For those who prefer to concoct their own rubs and spices rather than using pre-made rubs, infused salts can make for a great item that they can have at their disposal.

Attend a BBQ food festival

Take them for an outing of succulent deliciousness by going to a BBQ food festival together.

BBQ food festivals can be found all across the world and in the US. In addition to some of the BBQ competitions that were mentioned, which mostly also serve BBQ to visitors as a festival would, some other great festivals in the US include:

This is just listing a few – there are truly dozens if not hundreds of BBQ festivals out there. Be sure to do a search to find BBQ festivals closer to you.

Meat Claws

Meat claws are an improved way for shredding meat and making pulled meats varieties. If it’s not something that they’ve seen or used before, it could make for an interesting novel gift.

Small / Portable BBQ

If they already have their beloved prized grill at home, then getting them a new grill likely isn’t the ideal suggestion. Not to mention, the cost of a new large sized grill could get pretty steep.

Instead, if they don’t already have one, consider getting them a good quality portable grill that they can take to outdoor outings, picnics, tailgates, and more.

Grilling Caddy

Make bringing supplies and ingredients more convenient with a handy grilling caddy.

Basting Pots

Basting is part of the love and passion that goes into the craft of barbecue. Help them baste like a pro with a dedicated pot and brush.


For a light and quirky gift option, consider a t shirt with barbecue related slogans and graphics.

Take them out to a steakhouse / grillhouse

Steakhouses are known to serve the best of the best in meats. For a extra special outing, consider taking them out to a steakhouse / grillhouse

For an extra special experience, you can take them out to a renowned steak house such as Gibsons in Chicago, Peter Luger Steak House in New York or Bern’s Steak House in Tampa, Florida.

For steakhouses that have multiple locations across different cities, you can check out ones like:

These are just some ideas, check online for other steakhouses that may be more convenient for you and the recipient.

Smoker Grill

If they haven’t yet stepped into the world of smoke grilling, you can help get them started. There are a range of good quality smoker grill options that you could find across pretty reasonable price points. 

Himalayan Rock Salt Block

Using a Himalayan rock salt block to cook with may be a novel method that they may just happen to come to love. 

Cedar Grilling Planks

Using cedar grilling planks is an especially popular method for grilling seafood such as salmon.

Hot Sauce Set

For those who like to throw in some heat in their recipes, a hot sauce set is something that they can enjoy.

BBQ / Grilled Food Tour

Just like a bar hop, you can take them on a grilled / BBQ food tour to try different restaurants.

There are actually companies that specialize in providing BBQ food tours. One such example is the Wild About Texas BBQ Tour which takes participants to several BBQ restaurants and smokehouses, and includes activities like learning sessions, behind the scenes tours, and mores.

Alternatively, you can plan a BBQ tour yourself, by making a list of a few restaurants you can visit in the closest city to you, and spend an afternoon or evening taking the recipient to different ones.

Beer Can Chicken Roaster Stand

The beer can chicken method is one that has gained some popularity over recent years. 

Rather than having to stuff an actual beer can into the chicken, introduce them to a more advanced way to carry out this method, with a beer can chicken roaster stand.

Rib Ring Rack

Conserving space on the grill is greatly important, especially if you’re barbecuing for a larger party. 

One way to save space on the grill, if they like making ribs, is with a rib ring rack.

Customizable Steak Iron

Give them a touch of personalization to their grilled creations with a steak iron that you can customize with a personalized design.

Meat Delivery Subscription

When you think about grilling, what comes to mind most are things like steaks and ribs. That is, meats.

Get the gift recipient the gift of grilling meats by getting them a meat delivery box / subscription.

There are now a whole range of businesses that offer subscription meat delivery services. Some major ones that you can explore include:

  • ButcherBox – Delivers high-quality, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and heritage-breed pork directly to customers’. You can gift an individual box or get a gift card in any amount. 

  • Omaha Steaks – A well-known meat delivery company that offers a variety of beef, pork, chicken, and seafood products. They offer individual cuts of meat as well as gift boxes and subscriptions.

  • Crowd Cow – Crowd Cow is a meat delivery service that partners with small, independent ranches and farms to bring high-quality beef, pork, chicken, and seafood directly to consumers. They also offer both electronic and physical gift cards that can be sent to you.

  • Porter Road – A Nashville-based butcher shop specializing in high-quality meats, that offers meat delivery services to customers nationwide. They also offer a gift card, that can be purchased in several amounts.

  • Carnivore Club – A meat subscription service that delivers a curated selection of artisanal cured meats, with each box featuring a different theme or region and includes a variety of meats such as salami, prosciutto, and jerky. They also offer a range of different gift options.


An apron with grilling related graphics can make for both a fun and practical gift idea.

Meat Smoking Guides

Give them a quick reference to looking up meat cooking times and temperature with a handy reference guide.

Jalapeno Corer & Grill Topper

Jalapeno poppers are beloved by many. Preparing them however is often not. The process can be made much easier with a corer and topper set, which makes preparing and cooking jalapenos on the grill easy.

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