Gift Ideas For Car Enthusiasts

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Foam Cannon

A car will typically only get a good solid exterior wash if soap is used. To apply soap on the car effectively, a foam cannon is an excellent addition to have. 

It can make for a great gift idea in addition to or in place of the pressure washer.

Go Go-Karting

For those who love car racing, but may not be willing to try out racing on a full on proper track, then Go-Karting could be the next best option.

There are loads of different go-kart tracks all over the world, that offer varying degrees of track difficulty and go-kart performance.

Check out some of the options that you may have in your local area, or see below for ideas of some of the top go-kart tracks.

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Visit A Manufacturer / Plant In Person

Did you know that you could actually go and visit many of the major auto manufacturers’ plants in person?

Whether it’s the Ford Rouge factory tour or Corvette plant tour, going to one of these plant tours is a great opportunity for them to see the cars they love in person and learn a lot about their manufacturing techniques and history.

For other car factory tours, check out this list of 18 really cool car factory tours.

Pressure / Power Washer

If the car enthusiast you’re looking to get a gift for has their own car that they love to take care of, then there are some essentials that they’ll need, if they don’t have already.

One of these is a good strong pressure washer, for quick and efficient cleaning of the car exterior.

Rent Track Time

If they’re more into doing than watching, then renting track time could make for an exhilarating experience.

If they have their own car that they would love to take out on a track, then you could look for a racing track in your local area that lets you rent time or laps. Just make sure you go over all of their requirements and protocols carefully.

Alternately, there are services where you can rent both a car and a track to race it on, such as The Extreme Experience or Exotics Racing

Attend A Car Auction

At car auctions, you’ll see some of the most remarkable collector cars up close, as prospective buyers bid on them.

Even if the car enthusiast you’re looking to gift isn’t necessarily going to make a bid or purchase a car at an auction, going to see a car auction live could nevertheless be a fun experience for them.

There are many major car auctions across the world and in the U.S. that hold live in-person auctions, such as  Mecum or Barrett-Jackson.

You could also check out this list of other upcoming car collector auctions and events.

Watch A Race Live (F1, Indycar, etc.)

If the car enthusiast is also into car racing, then going to a live race could make a great idea.

There are many racing types, events, and series across the world, from Formula 1 and Nascar to Rally racing.

Whichever they prefer, or whichever you choose, going to a live race together could be an unforgettable experience. Check out the calendars from some of the top racing series from the list below.

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Undercarriage Pressure Washer Extension

One thing that’s often overlooked when a car is getting a wash is the undercarriage. The main reason being is the difficulty it is to wash under there.

To help them wash underneath their car, consider getting them a curved angled attachment for reaching the undercarriage.

Headlight Restoration System

Headlight lenses tend to get foggy over time, especially on older cars. For superb maintenance and restoration of the headlights, consider getting them a headlight lens restoration kit.

Carpet Cleaner / Extractor

Moving onto the car’s interior, one thing that’s essential for helping the car enthusiast keep their car showroom clean on the inside is the carpets.

To keep them looking spotless, the carpets need to shampooed and cleaned.

For that, there are various options, including a proper carpet cleaning extractor, which will typically run at a higher price point.

There are more budget friendly options, such as a typical carpet & upholstery cleaner, that can be used for cleaning carpets at home and in the car as well.

Detailing Steamer

For another higher level of cleaning, a steamer can be useful. They typically use heat to help with cleaning, and could make a great chemical free cleaning alternative.

Rust Prevention

If they have an older car that’s more susceptible to rusting, then a rust prevention coating could be a great thing for them to have at their disposal.


Towels are essentials to car cleaning. Did you know, however, there are different types of towels for different applications?

For a neat combination gift idea, consider getting them a pack of all 3, to satisfy all of their cleaning towel needs.


Glass Towels

Exterior DryingTowel

Car Detailing Kit

For proper car cleaning, they will need the right products. A good solution for getting them all of the car cleaning product essentials is getting them a complete kit from a distinguished brand.


For a beautiful exterior finish, and for keeping their older cars’ exteriors in prime shape, a polisher is essential.

If they’re new to car polishing, consider getting them a kit that includes everything they’ll need to get started, including pads and compounds.

If they’re more experienced at exterior car treatment, consider instead getting just a high quality variable speed buffer / polisher.

Detailing Drillbrush

The last piece of equipment for car cleaning and maintenance that they may not have is a detailing drill brush. It allows you to attach brush attachments to any drill, for a powerful scrubbing and cleaning solution.

Battery Booster Pack

Moving onto other tools and gadgets that a car lover may enjoy, a fundamental item to have is a battery booster pack.

Rather than having to wait on the side of the road to get a boost from another car, a battery booster pack could help them boost their battery, if they ever need it, without relying on anyone else.

Portable Air Compressor

Sometimes they will need to fill air, whether it’s for their car’s tires or their bike. Whatever the case may be, having a portable air compressor has great advantages over having to find an air compressor to use.

Under Hood Light

For those who love to tinker and work on their cars, an under hood light is a great addition to help get a good view of everything underneath the car’s hood.

Go To An Auto Show

Car shows are to car lovers what tech conferences are to tech lovers. They are where you could see the newest and latest products up close and where big industry announcements and releases take places.

Auto shows take place across many major cities all over the world. In addition to the standard car shows that largely focus on newer car models and releases, there are also shows for classic cars and tuner cars, if that’s something that they’re more into.

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Interior Car Lighting

To add some extra flare and style to their car, interior car lights could help create a neat aesthetic.

Visit A Car Museum

For those who love classic cars and the history and stories behind them, then going to a car museum could be a great idea.

Check out some of the most popular and acclaimed car museums across the world, and see if there’s one near you that you can go visit together.

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OBD Scanner

An OBD scanner reads the codes on the car’s console, and reports of any errors. With new technologies, there are now Bluetooth enabled OBD scanners that sync right to any smartphone.

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Another tech alternative to old analog automotive tools is a digital tire pressure gauge, which can instantly digitally read their tires’ PSI levels.

Tire Pressure Sensors

For another high-tech setup, tire pressure sensors can help in monitoring the car’s tire pressures constantly, and show the readings through an app.

Car Jacks & Accessories

If they are very much into fixing cars, or have expressed an interest in starting, then car jacks and accessories are essentials to have.

A car jack is key to lifting the car up and doing work underneath.

Sometimes the metal on metal contact between the jack and the car can cause damage. For that then, a neat small sized gift idea can be to get them a ruber jack pad.

Furthermore, for other car repair essentials, some other items that you can consider, if they don’t have them already, are jack stands and wheel chocks.

Another addition or alternative also could be vehicle ramps instead.

Car Tool Set

For car repair or maintenance, they’ll of course need some tools. If they don’t yet have that many standard tools, then a good idea could be to get them a complete tool set, with a heavy duty box included.

If they already have the fundamentals, another idea is to get them a tool set from a quality reputable manufacturer.

Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

For spills and cleanups in the garage, a magnetic paper towel holder could be a nice small touch. It can be mounted to a metal tool box, which allows for quick and easy access to paper towels.

Impact Ratchet

A ratchet wrench is a commonly used tool in the garage. A cordless mechanical ratchet wrench that could easily fit in tight spots could be a gamechanger of an addition for them.


For stubborn damaged screws or bolts that just won’t come out, a set of vampliers could be a fantastic thing that they’ll appreciate they have.

Plastic Creeper

For really getting into car work and maintenance, a plastic creeper will allow them to maneuver underneath the car.

Knee Pads

Doing car work and maintenance often can mean spending a lot of time on their knees. Help them with knee protection, with a set of quality knee pads.

An alternative for knee pads can also be a thick resistant pad that’s specifically made for kneeling.

Borescope Camera

If they really want to get into knowing every part of their car inside and out, then a borescope camera can help them access and see parts that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Safety Hammer

A safety hammer is an essential tool for them to keep in their car for emergency situations.

Dream Car Rental

Is there a car that they have long dreamed of? If it’s still not in the realm of possibilities for them to purchase, then renting their dream car could be the next best thing.

There are various services that offer short term rentals of a wide range of different higher end / exotic cars, such as those listed below to name a few.

References - Dream Car Rental Services:

Stick Magnet

For those who love to stay plugged in on their devices in the car, a magnetic phone holder is a great and tidy solution to mounting the phone.


Whether it’s just for taking casual footage of their car cruises, or to have footage in case of any events on the road, a dashcam is great thing to have in the car. 

Smart Mirror

An alternative to a typical dash cam could be a smart mirror, which can also assist with rear view driving and parking, for those that don’t have a rear view camera already in their car.

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