Gift Ideas For Gamers

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Console Gaming Environment

A personal console gaming environment is a great way to keep their system organized in one place, and for taking it with them on the go, so that they can enjoy their favorite activity wherever they go.

Portable Gaming Device

Level up their gaming on the go with a portable gaming device!

Whether it’s the Nintendo Switch or any other portable gaming console, a portable gaming device allows them to take their gaming adventures wherever they go.

Subscription To A Gaming Service

Gamers love to, well, game. Help them continue gaming by purchasing or covering their subscription to a online gaming service that they use.

There are several online gaming services, with the biggest ones being Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, and Steam.

Be sure to find out which they use or if they have a compatible device or system.

Gaming Inspired Jewelry

Add a touch of gaming flair to their style with gaming-inspired jewelry. From necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings, there are plenty of ideas to go for that feature gaming motifs such as game controllers, icons, or symbols. 

Retro Game Console

Bring on the nostalgia with a retro game console, perfect for gamers who have a soft spot for classic games from the past.

Gaming T Shirt

Boost their gaming style with a gaming-themed T-shirt. It’s a fun and fashionable idea that lets them show off their gaming passion in a creative and playful way.

Gaming Board Game

A gaming themed board game is a gift is perfect for gamers who enjoy socializing and competing in a different way.

With board games based on popular video game franchises like Halo or World of Warcraft, they can gather friends or family for a fun and immersive gaming experience in person.


Level up their gaming space with cool gaming decor! This gift adds a touch of gaming flair to their room or gaming setup. From a Halo helmet with a stand to a joystick neon light wall decoration, it’s a unique and eye-catching way to enhance their gaming ambiance and makes their space truly gamer-tastic.

Subscription To A Gaming Video Streaming Platform

Online streaming platforms are where gamers and their communities engage and interact. Consider getting them a gift card that can be used towards a gaming video streaming platform.

Twitch is among the biggest and most popular gaming streaming platforms, that also offers gift certificates that can be used towards subscriptions and other things.


Cool vibrant lighting has become a component largely associated with gaming.

Whether it’s LED strip lights that change colors with the game or just a desk lamp or a gaming-themed night light, it’s a fun and practical way to enhance their gaming experience and to create a vibrant gaming atmosphere.

TV / Monitor Backlight

Monitor backlights are lights that change according to the visuals on their screen, creating a cool visual effect in their gaming layout.

Foot Rest

A foot rest is a practical and ergonomic addition that provides support and relaxation for their feet during long gaming sessions, reducing discomfort and promoting better posture

Figurine Controller / Phone Holder

Figurine controllers are available in a number of different gaming related characters. They not only serve a practical purpose but also add a decorative element to their gaming setup.

Mouse Pad

Help them maintain their gaming performance with a high-quality mouse pad. Although it seems like a basic component, it really is an essential accessory that provides a smooth and precise surface for their mouse, improving their accuracy and control during gaming sessions.

Attend a gaming tournament

Gaming tournaments are where professional gamers go to play and compete against each other. It’s also a great place for all with a shared passion for gaming to meet and congregate.

Consider getting them passes to a gaming tournament, or consider going together.

There are various different tournaments that focus on different games across different locations. Make sure to find one that covers the game that they enjoy, at a location that they can get to.

Check out a resource such as this tournament calendar, for a list of major Esports tournaments around the world.


Cable Management Solutions

A proper gaming setup typically has a number of devices and whole number more cables. A good cable management system can help them avoid messy tangles of cords and cables to distract them during their gaming sessions.

Gaming Headset

Good quality headphones provide crystal-clear sound quality, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in their gaming adventures.

With a comfortable fit and convenient controls, a gaming headset is a must-have for any serious gamer

Gaming Chair

Upgrade their comfort and style with a gaming chair. Good gaming chairs are ergonomic and visually appealing chairs are designed for long gaming sessions, providing support and comfort for extended periods of gameplay.

Attend a gaming convention

Gaming conventions are much like tech conventions, but focused predominantly around gaming. They’re a great way for them to interact with others and to see all of the new games and gadgets available.

If it’s something that you think would interest them, consider taking them or buying passes to a gaming convention.

There are many different gaming conventions around the world. Some to note however include:

  • E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) – One of the largest gaming conventions in the world, featuring presentations and announcements from major game developers and publishers. It takes place annually in Los Angeles, California.
  • Gamescom – The largest gaming convention in Europe and features exhibits, conferences, and presentations from game developers and publishers around the world. It takes place annually in Cologne, Germany.
  • PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) – A series of gaming conventions that take place in various cities around the world, including Seattle, Boston, and Melbourne. These events feature exhibits, panels, and tournaments focused on gaming culture and community.

Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards can help them take their gaming to another level. They offer tactile feedback and faster response times, allowing for precise keystrokes and lightning-fast gameplay. 

Gaming Monitor

Take their visual experience to the next level with a gaming monitor, that is highly immersive with brilliant clarity and resolution.

Computer Desk

Give the gift of a sleek and functional gaming setup with a computer desk. A dedicated gaming desk provides ample space for gaming peripherals, monitors, and accessories, helping to keep the gaming area organized and clutter-free. 

VR Gaming Headset

Elevate your loved one’s gaming experience with a VR gaming headset! Whether it’s the Meta Quest 2 or the Sony VR, these cutting-edge devices provide an immersive and interactive way to play games like never before.

Sony PlayStation VR
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Take A Tour Of A Popular Gaming Destination

There are various places to visit that have a close connection to gaming. The most notable of these are Silicon Valley, California and Tokyo, Japan. 

If it’s something that’s within your means and budget, consider taking them on a trip to visit a gaming destination such as these.

You can also check out a company such as Geek Nation Tours, that offer tours that include visits to popular gaming events and conventions, as well as cultural experiences and sightseeing.

Laptop Bag

A laptop bag is not only functional but also a fashionable accessory for gamers on the go.

Gear Cleaner

Help them keep gaming gear squeaky clean with a gaming gear cleaner! These solutions are specifically designed for cleaning gaming equipment, including keyboards, mice, controllers, and more, helping keep their items in pristine shape.

Make Or Buy Gaming Themed Food

Cakes and desserts are always in order for a gifting celebration. You can see if you could get them a cake in the theme of a video game or character.

If you have a knack for baking, one option is to bake it yourself.

Otherwise, you could go to a local bakery and show them a printout or picture of the character or theme that you’re going for to see if they could make one for you.

Steering Wheel

Are they a big fan of racing games? Do they own a steering wheel set for their console or device? If not, then it could be an excellent idea that they would truly appreciate.


A mug is generally a generic gift, unless it’s in the theme of one of their favorite activities.

Subscription to a gaming magazine or service

If you’re looking for something for them to indulge in their interests away from their game device, consider getting them a subscription to a gaming magazine

You can check out a magazine like Game Informer, which is one of the premier options in the category that has been around for a fairly long time.

Computer Repair Tool Kit Set

Are they a hands on person that loves to thinker with things. Then a set of computer repair tools is a great way to help them have all of the functionality that they need when working on fixing or customizing their gaming hardware.

Gaming Gift Card

If you’re otherwise unsure what to get, a gift card offers endless gaming possibilities that they can choose themself. 

Alarm Clock

Help start their day off right with a gaming-themed alarm clock. This unique and fun idea combines their love for gaming with a practical item they use every day.

Go To An Escape Room With A Gaming-Themed Room

Escape rooms are all of the rage in recent years. Escape rooms typically have a variety of different themes, and many have gaming-themed rooms.

If it’s something they’ve enjoyed in the past or something you think they’ll like, consider taking them out to an escape room.

Search your local area to see what, if any, you have near by, and check around to see which ones having gaming themed rooms in particular.

Headphone Stand And Charging Unit

Keep their gaming area organized and stylish with a headphone stand and charging unit!

It’s a sleek and practical way that provides a dedicated spot for their headphones and helps keep them charged and ready for their gaming sessions.

Gaming Christmas Ornaments

Combine their love of gaming with holiday cheer, with some Christmas ornaments! It’s a fun and nostalgic simple gift idea that brings their love for gaming into the holiday season and adds a playful touch to their tree.

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