Gift Ideas For Hikers

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Go Hiking Together!

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Hikers like to, well… hike. Why not spend the activity they love to do together?

There are many beautiful hiking areas across the world. Check out some great spots below based on what continent you’re in.

If you want to keep it more simple, just open up your favorite map app and scroll around your local area to find potential spots.

Or, you can use an app like Alltrails that’s specifically made for hikers and outdoors aficionados and to help navigate hiking trails.

Lastly, make the experience that more special by making some additional preparations for the trip, by either getting some additional gear that they may not already have, or by packing some great hiking snacks.

Taking the initiative to plan out some of these details can show that you you were truly thoughtful with what to get or do for them.

National Park Pass

National parks often feature some of the most breathtaking nature areas that are great for hiking. Did you know that 129 countries in the world have national parks?

In some countries, you need to pay fee to enter or camp at a national park. There are also annual memberships available for visitors to visit all of the parks in their respective country. Gifting a an annual national parks pass is a perfect gift idea for hikers:

If you’re outside of the US or Canada, there may still be an equivalent annual pass to visit national parks where you’re located. Check out this great resource for national parks that highlights and provides information on national parks across the world.

Hiking Socks

Many hikers will contend that having good socks is among the most important things to have when getting out in the trails. 

Socks for hiking should be soft, warm, and cushioned. Check out some of these top picks:

If you want to go the option that’s among the most revered by the hiking community, consider the hiking socks from Darn Tough.

Hiking Snacks

Having snacks with you is one of the keys to having an enjoyable hiking experience. Additionally, snacks can be highly functional, providing the necessary energy boost you need to go through your journey.

Seed Snacks / Trail Mixes

Compact and full of goodness, seed snacks are one of the most common snacks preferred by those out on the trail. 


Full of great flavor, jerky is another one of those snacking staples for the trails.

Power Bars

Lastly, protein or powers are another hiking snack options that tops many preference lists

Freeze Dried Food

Is the recipient a more intense hiker / adventurer? Beyond basic snacks then, another great option is freeze dried food. 

Compact and highly practical, it’s a great gift idea for those who enjoy more prolonged and intense advetures.

Hiking Guide

In many cases, the hiker is thinking about their next adventure. Give them inspiration and great ideas with a book such as “100 Hikes of a Lifetime” from National Geographic.

Wild Plant Foraging Guide

When out in nature, sometimes they will need some survival skills to navigate their situations. Or they may be inclined to take a truly outdoorsy approach and forage for their own food.

Whatever the case may be, a great foraging guide can help teach them and guide them through foraging for edible plants while out on their adventures.

Sports / Hiking Water Bottle

Water is an essential to life. It’s even that much more important if you’re out deep in the trails or in barren nature. 

Help keep them hydrated with a high quality water bottle. For additional functionality, consider one that’s also insulated and leak proof.

Hydration Pack

If you want to get them a more robust gift than. just a simple water bottle, then a hydration pack could be a great idea. 

Water Bladder

If you know that they already have a backpack that they love to use, then just a water bladder is a great alternative to the hydration pack.

Electrolyte Hydration Powder Packets

If you want to help take their hydration up a notch, consider an electrolyte drink mix. This, together with the hiking bottle, hydration pack, or water bladder could make a great combo gift.

Handheld GPS

If the hiker that you’re gifting is way into going deep into nature and exploring new spots, then a handheld GPS can be a good option for them.

Although it’s relatively pricier than other gift options, if you are thinking of getting a handheld GPS for hiking, you may want to consider a well established and tried and tested brand and model.

Check out this review for the Garmin GPSMAP 66sr, a model that’s well acclaimed by the hiking community.

Push Pin Travel Map

If they have a knack for visiting a wide range of hiking spots across different locations, then a push pin map is a great option.

A push pin map lets them mark all of the spots that they’ve explored, or mark the ones that they have on their list to one day go to. 

Sport Watch

Take their gadget game to the next level with a sports watch. More than just showing the time, the top sports offer a wide range of features, including heart rate monitoring, topography maps, and much more.


Cooling Towel

If the hiker you’re gifting typically goes out in warmer areas or seasons, a cooling towel is an excellent way to help keep them cool and comfortable.

Cooling Arm Sleeves

Keep them even cooler with cooling arm sleeves. These sleeves also offer UV protection, which is great for those who like to trek out in sunny conditions.

Neck Gaiter / Shemagh

If instead they more often tend to go hiking in colder climates, then staying warm is essential.

One of the best ways to keep the neck warm for example, is with a gaiter.

For a different look that helps cover the upper body area, consider a shemagh instead.

Solar Battery Charger

Running out of battery on your devices is something that many don’t enjoy. That feeling can be compounded even more if you’re far out in nature hiking.

Give them the gift of assurance that they have backup battery power, with a solar battery charger and maintainer.

Alltrails Subscription

Discovering new hiking spots is a thrilling experience. More importantly, however, is navigating through the trails and spots that you’ve embarked on exploring.

You can do that, and so much more, with Alltrails, an app that’s loved and trusted by many hikers and outdoors lovers.

They also offer a gift option for their paid subscription, so that you can gift them the full capabilities of this incredible app.


Being out hiking or in the wilderness in the dark can be a frightening or even outright dangerous experience. That’s why having a good flashlight or headlamp is important, and can be among the most essential gifts that you can consider for them.

Water Filtration System

Another key essential to exploring outdoors is having water. Sometimes, different scenarios arise where water may be limited.

To help with that a personal water filter is a great tool for them to have. 

Down Jacket

For winter or fall hikes, a jacket is essential in many places. A down jacket is a great gift to help them stay warm out on the trails.

Inflatable Pillow

If they enjoy camping or multi-day hikes, then they’ll need to end up sleeping overnight. An inflatable pillow is a great gift to keep them comfortable on their overnight hikes, but is also highly functional as it can compactly be carried in their backpack.


For those longer hikes that take you far away from being able to use a toilet, a trowel could be a great gift option.


Going a bit more technical and essential, sports tape is an essential thing to have to help deal with situations that may arise on the trails.

Moleskin Padding

Similarly, after hours of hiking, blisters and discomfort can happen. To help with this, you can consider getting them a padding roll to provide relief and protection caused by shoe friction.

Consider perhaps putting together a functional kit of smaller items such as a padding role and sports tape.


Lanterns have been used for ages, both on trips and in homes.

This modern lantern is a very cool take, which provides both light and heat.

Pocket Stove

If they’re keen on cooking while out on their trips, then a pocket stove is a great idea.

This pocket stove specifically is highly compact, which makes it great for packing.

Fire Starter Kit

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Dry Sack

Help them keep their essentials dry in the case of rainy or moist conditions, with a dry sack. 


A classic and timeless tool, a compass is just as important and functional today as it’s always been. 

A compass can always reliably help them orient themselves directionally when hiking. It also has a more vintage feel and aesthetic than all of the electronic tools that include a compass.

Swiss Army Multi-Tool

Another vintage classic, the Swiss Army Multi-Tool is another one of those that first come to mind when thinking about hiking and outdoors essentials, and for good reason.

The different mini tools can truly come useful at times, while easily fitting in a pocket. If they don’t already have one, it’s a great classic gift option.

Book – The Last Traverse

If they’re into reading, then the “Last Traverse” is a book about survival and resilience, that’s well regarded by many within the hiking community.


Socks are one of the most essential clothing items when exploring the outdoors. But in many ways, having good and functional underwear is also largely important.

These options are great for the outdoors and highly praised by many hikers, as they can easily be washed and dried on the go.

Bucket / Sun Hat

Being out on the trails all day often means that they are being exposed to the sun for long periods. Give them sun protection with a good outdoors sun hat.

Hiking / Trekking Poles

A lot of times, when one thinks of hiking, then trekking poles come to mind. If they don’t already have them, perhaps consider getting them some good trekking poles.

Book – Fixing Your Feet

Hikers spend a lot of time on their feet, often walking through rough terrain that will have an impact on their feet. Help them better understand how to prevent and treat feet related injuries, with this great book.

Hiking Sowing / Repair Kit

When you’re out hiking, unexpected things can happen. One of those things include unexpected rips and tears to gear. Help them deal with these situations, with a sewing kit that’s purpose built for the outdoors.

Thermos / Food Jar

Finally, a last classic essential gift for hikers is a food jar. There’s nothing like having a warm drink or soup after spending hours traversing the trails. With a good food jar, they can keep their drinks or food warm for hours.

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