Gift Ideas For History Buffs

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Timeline of world history

History can be mapped out and illustrated through timelines, which can give an interesting snapshot of the events of the past centuries.

Check out some of these well thought out and illustrated timelines:

Timeline of World History
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Custom City Maps

If they like maps and locations, then a custom city map is a neat idea.

You could select a location of your choosing, which can either be their home town or a different town or city that they like for its historical significance.

Fragments / Pieces of history

What better way to forge a deep connection with a historical event than to have an actual artefact from that time or event? 

One idea, for example, is to get a souvenir fragment of the Berlin Wall.

Other Fragments

There are a whole bunch of different historical fragments and artefacts that you can get, from a well regarded source such as Mini Museum

For example, check out this piece of the Thermal Control System from the space shuttle Endeavour. If the gift recipient is from that era and has an affinity for space flight, then this is a fantastic idea to consider.

Collectable Coins

Coins are another one of those things that carries great historical significance.

If they’re coin collectors, consider getting them a set. For example, check out this Lincoln steel penny collection from 1943.

For another neat option, consider getting them Roman coins, especially if they’re fans of ancient or Roman history. 

Viking Beer Stein

For a gift idea that’s rooted in history, but also has functional purpose, consider getting them a beer stein.

There are all sorts of different stein styles and designs, such as this cool horn mug:

Learn more about beer steins with this handy video:

Visit A Museum

pictures inside museum

Museums are packed with artefacts and items that often have historical significance. They are also places where people can go to learn about history.

Treat the history buff in your life to a wholesomely spent day by taking them to a museum. Find a museum that covers a theme or has a specific exhibit going on that you think they would really enjoy. 

References - Top Museums: 

Real Fossils

gray and black fish on water

Fossils are an an essence like historical time capsules, encompassing the remains of specimens in the past. 

Did you know that you can actually purchase real fossils? Check out a service such as Fossilera, which carries a wide selection of different fossils.

If the gift recipient is a fan of natural history, this will surely be a gift that they’ll enjoy.

“Best Year In History” Wood Plaques

Every year, no matter how recent or distant, has historical events that occurred during it.

To highlight the events of the year that they were born, consider getting them a cool customized plaque for that specific year.

US President Socks

Let them sport their favorite president, with this fun and quirky socks gift that depicts several different US presidents. 

Book of unusual knowledge

History is usually tied to cool facts and information. Help them expand their knowledge with the well regarded Book of Unusual Knowledge.

Visit A Historical Site

Different locations across the world are packed with historical significance. Going out to visit one together can make for a very special experience.

Global (UNESCO World Heritage Sites):

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are designated locations across the world that have historical significance. The list is highly robust, with sites across all parts of the world. 

Use the UNESCO site to discover and learn about different sites before potentially making plans to go out and see them.

See more: List of world UNESCO Heritage Sites

USA Historical Destinations:

If you’re in the US then there are many different historical sites to visit that aren’t necessarily designated as world heritage sites. Check out the handy resource below to discover some of these interesting places to potentially visit.

See More: American Destinations Every History Buff Should Visit In Their Lifetime

Pencil / Pen Holder

A pencil holder depicting the likeness of Julius Caesar could potentially appeal to fans of ancient history.

History Game: Chronology

Combine their love of history with fun family fun, with this history themed board game.

A Gift from the British Museum shop


The British Museum carries one of the most robust collections of artefacts and historically significant pieces.

The gift shop at the British Museum carries a wide ranging selection of gifts that portray some of these spectacular pieces that they carry. The gift selection of is also regarded to be of very high quality.

Now you can browse and purchase items from the British Museum’s Online Shop which ships to various countries across the world. Browse their shop to find a selection like you won’t find elsewhere, that is sure to satisfy the tastes of the history buff in your life.

Glasses / Mugs

Mugs and glasses can make for great gifts, especially if they are in the theme of what the recipient loves and enjoys.

Wine glass

This wine glass takes a fun take on the “history repeats itself” adage.


A mug that’s beautifully illustrated in historically relevant depictions is sure to stand out from the basic mundane mug.

Shot Glasses

For those who enjoy American history, this shot glass is a quirky idea to consider.

Historical Art Prints / Paintings

brown and white sail ship on sea painting

History is encapsulated by some of the many various spectacular paintings that have been produced over the centuries.

What better way to satisfy the passions of a history buff than to get a print of one of these historical paintings. 

You can check out a website such as Heritage Images, which offers an extensive selection of historically relevant paintings and images that you can get as prints.

Custom portrait of them (or their pets)

Want to get them something unique and fun? You can get a customized illustration of the gift recipient, in the style of a historical portrait.

You can find artists on a website such as Fiverr that specialize in making such portraits. 

For example, see the gigs from various artists such as Cloudymay or Julieannulip.

Magellan TV subscription

dinosaur skeleton

Megallan TV is a video subscription service that offers films and documentaries on a wide range of topics related to history.

If they enjoy historical docs, consider gifting them a subscription to the service.

See the video below to get an idea of some of the video themes that they cover.

History Themed 3D Puzzles

Puzzles are a great gift idea for all ages. They especially can make for a great idea if they are as sophisticated as these neat 3D puzzles from National Geographic, that let you create 3D representations of various different historically significant buildings.


Notre Dame

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Check out an overview of one of these neat puzzles being made with the video below:

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