Gift Ideas For Musicians

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Go To A Concert Together

Whether they’re concert goers or concert performers themselves, either way odds are that they would appreciate going to a live event to see their favorite artist or band.

Going to a concert together could be an experience they’ll remember and cherish for years. If you know what artists or bands they’re big fans of, you could see when and where they are performing with a site like:

Music Masterclass

Learning new musical techniques can be both enjoyable and rewarding. Even more so, is learning from some of the top musicians and music producers.

You could help them fine tune their skills and techniques by getting a Masterclass subscription, which features courses from many class musical acts like Hans Zimmer, Metallica, Mariah Carey, John Legend, and more.

Sheet Music Gift Card

Sheet music is to musicians what words and books are to writers. Give them the gift of access to hundreds of musical pieces, with a gift card to a sheet music service

Book Studio Recording Space

Are they looking to record their music and potentially get their music career underway? One essential thing that they’ll need if they really want to go all in is a professional recording studio.

Of course, setting up your own professional recording studio is out of reach for many. A great gift instead is to rent a recording studio space or session.

Portable Synthesizer

Synthesizers are fun nimble devices that have helped music creators add layers to their sound for decades.

A pocket synthesizer is a great option for the great portability it offers.

Retro Pocket Synth

Another neat option is a stylophone synth, that outputs fantastic retro sounds.

Wearable Metronome

A metronome is used for counting beats and for helping musicians maintain tempo. Metronomes have been around for centuries, however now there are modern electronic options, which are wearable and which vibrate and pulsate.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones are an essential, for recording, live performance, or just simple at-home or on the go listening.

With so many headphones out there at so many price ranges, you may want to find ones that are highly rated but also fit your budget.

Lower Price Option

Higher Price Option

Music Recording Device

If they’re still at the beginning stages of producing and recording and not ready for a professional studio session, then home recording is a good start. For that, one of the pieces that they’d make use of is a recording device.

It’s great both for home recording sessions or for letting them record their live performances.

Instrument Microphone

An another integral component for recording is an instrument microphone. With a good quality microphone, they’ll be able to capture high quality sounds at home.

Kalimba / Mini Piano

Let them expand their musical imagination with a new instrument. Getting a more conventional instrument, such as a guitar or violin, is harder to select and will be typically much more expensive.

Instead, consider getting an instrument that’s more of a novelty, such as the Kalimba or thumb piano. It produces beautifully mesmerizing sounds, and is a great way to play around and explore new melodies.

Guitar Hangers

If they’re a guitar player, then guitar hangers is a great gift option, helping them to stay neat and organized.

Gear Backpack

When doing gigs and sessions, one typically needs to lug around a lot of gear and equipment.

A gear backpack that’s purpose built for carrying around music gear is a perfect solution for making transport and carrying things around easier.

Tour Poster Of Their Favorite Band

Concert posters are a cool home decor component, that can give a neat vintage touch.

If you know their favorite band, see if you could find a poster from one of their concerts or tours.

Event Lighting

Lighting makes a live performance that much more spectacular. There are many types of music event lighting, that give different looks and feels.

A light bar is a good standard that’s suitable for many different types of music types.

A disco ball on the other hand can give a very neat aesthetic that other lighting types can’t give. 

Sound activated systems are particularly neat for keeping lights in sync with the music that’s being performed.


Concerts and music events can be loud. Help them protect their hearing with earplugs that are specifically designed for concert musicians.

Music Themed Socks

A music themed gift can be greatly appreciated by musicians, even if they are socks. Check out some of these socks in music themed designs, from pianos to violins and more.

Music Themed Wine Glass

A fun gift that music lovers would surely enjoy, a sheet music design on a wine glass saying “music is my forte” is a fun novelty idea.

Music Themed Cooking Utensils

Does the musician you’re gifting have a knack for cooking? Consider then getting some neat wooden utensils, that are shaped as guitars.

Guitar Tool Kit & Organizer

Additionally for the guitar players, help them keep their strings and tools in one place with a guitar organizer kit.

Vinyl Coasters

Drink coasters are commonplace in many people’s homes. Give them a fun take on drink coasters, with ones that are in the appearance of vinyl records.

T-Shirt - Vitruvian Man Guitar Player

A combination between the classical art world and modern music, the t-shirt depicting the Vitruvian man playing the guitar is a fun gift idea.

Music Notebook

If they’re into composing music from scratch, then a music notebook is a great gift idea. This high quality and durable notebook is great for helping them put their musical notes on paper, to carry with them and last a while. 

Those are some ideas to inspire you for what to give a musician. Whatever gift you’re thinking of getting them, make the event special by spending some good quality time, and perhaps by jamming and enjoying some music together.

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