Gift Ideas For Photographers

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Visit A Photography Exhibition

Help them see the works of world renowned photographers up close and for themselves by visiting a photography gallery or exhibition together.

Or, if you prefer, you could simply buy them tickets to one.

There are many museums and galleries worldwide that showcase famous photography works. Some of those include:

Check out some of these or search for other ones closer to you.

Mini Photo Printer

For those who love to develop photos and compile photo albums, a mini printer can make for a nice and convenient item to have at home.


A tripod opens up a world of different photography styles that require greater stability.

The professional photographer likely has a few in their repertoire, but someone starting off may not, so consider it as a good and practical idea for them.

Photography Guide Books

Help them expand their knowledge, skills, and techniques with a quality photography guide book.

Purchase An Online Professional Photography Course

There’s always opportunity for one to learn and expand their skills. A great and convenient way to develop photography skills is through online courses.

Consider getting them a subscription to an online course platform that has courses on photography. Some that you can explore include:

Photography Coffee Table Books

A photography related coffee table book can make for providing great inspiration and a nice item to have around that reflects their craft or passion.

Lighting Kit

Lighting is an essential component of photography. If they don’t already have a professional set up, consider getting them a specialized lighting kit.

Create A Photo Book

If they love photography they’ll surely love a gift containing actual photographs. An even more meaningful one is of photos of you and the gift recipient.

You could share the gift of photos by creating a photo book for them.

There are many different platforms where you can design your own photo books, such as:

Alternatively, if you don’t see yourself creating a photo book, you could gift them a subscription to one of these photo book making platforms mentioned above.

Remote Shutter Release

From taking selfies from a distance to triggering the shutter without moving the camera, a remote shutter release can offer many benefits.

For the casual photographer, there are also wireless camera remotes for smartphone devices.

Smartphone Camera Lens

A phone camera lens is a nifty gadget that can be attached to a smartphone camera for added effects.

Go On A Photography Trip / Adventure Together

Get involved and take part in the activity that they love with them!

First, find out what type of photography they like the most. Is it nature / wildlife photography? Urban? Portrait?

Based on what type of photography they like, you could plan a day trip adventure to take photos together.

  • If they like nature / wildlife photography, search some nice scenic nature spots to visit.
  • If they like urban / architecture, visit a city that has nice buildings or an impressive skyline.

Tell them to pack their photography gear for the trip. Make it fun by packing some snacks for the road. You can then treat them to a nice meal at lunch time.

Although this idea doesn’t involve purchasing much, it’s still something that they may undoubtedly appreciate and remember.

Lens Coffee Mug

A lens styled coffee mug can provide practical utility while being styled in something that reflects their passion or profession.

Light Box

A lightbox is an item that can be used for taking standardized photos of products or objects. If they’re looking to open up their own photography services then a light box could be a good thing to have.

DSLR Camera

A professional photographer most definitely already likely has their own DSLR camera. They also likely already have their own preferences. And, not to mention, the price for a DSLR can get pretty steep.

For someone who shows a passion for photography that doesn’t already have their own DSLR camera, then getting one can make for an extra special gift idea.

There are however a lot of different options across different price points, so make sure to do some research on different models.

Photography Class / Workshop

A photography workshop can give them hands on experience and help them improve their skills and learn new techniques.

There are various types of organizations that offer classes and workshops on photography. Some of them include:

If none of these are conveniently located near where the gift recipient lives, do an online search for other organizations that offer photography classes / workshops closer to them.

See if they offer gift certificates or the ability to purchase a seat at a workshop or seminar for someone else.

DSLR Lenses

If you know exactly what camera(s) they have and what lenses they already own, you could potentially get them a new set of lenses that they don’t already have.

Winter Photography gloves

For those who enjoy photography regardless of the elements, a pair of gloves could come to use, especially in colder climates.

Camera Cleaning Kit

Proper care and maintenance is important, especially with an item that can get as pricey as a camera. For proper camera maintenance, consider getting them a specialized cleaning kit.

Throw A Party With A Photo Booth

A photo booth is a fun addition for an event. If the recipient is throwing a party at a fixed day and time, consider renting a photo booth for them for their party. 

Do a search in your local area for companies that rent photobooths for events. You can also check classified sites like Craigslist.

Alternatively you could also buy a home photobooth set or make a makeshift set up for the party. One cool idea is a 360 degree photo booth machine, although it could be on the pricier end.

To make the photo booth sessions extra fun, be sure to prep some photo booth props as well.

Gift Necklace

A necklace in the theme of a camera can make for a nice and special gift for a photography lover.

Photo Editing Software / Subscription

If they do photography for a living, then they likely already have and use their own photo editing software.

However, if they do it more as a hobby or if they’re just starting out, then they may not already have access to professional photo editing software.

In that case, consider purchasing a professional photo editing program / subscription for them. 

Note that some are bought as a one-time cost and others are based on a month to month subscription model.

Some of the most popular photo editing programs to note include ones like:

  1. Adobe Photoshop

  2. Capture One

  3. Affinity Photo

  4. PaintShop Pro

These are just to list a few, there are many other ones. Check them out as they largely differ in their costs and capabilities.


A funny photography related t-shirt can make for a fun and light gift.

Photography Magazine Subscription

Photography magazines contain relevant news and information as well as inspiration for photographers.

Consider getting them a subscription to a magazine that’s focused around photography, such as:

  • Outdoor Photographer: Focuses on outdoor photography, featuring breathtaking landscapes, wildlife, and adventure photography.
  • Popular Photography: Covers a wide range of photography topics, including gear reviews, tips and tricks, and inspiring photo essays.
  • Shutterbug: Offers in-depth reviews of cameras and accessories, as well as tutorials and inspiring photography features.

  • Digital Photo Pro: Geared towards professional and advanced amateur photographers, with articles on advanced techniques, workflow, and business practices.

  • Aperture: Known for its high-quality printing and thoughtful articles on photography as an art form.

  • LensCulture: Focuses on contemporary photography and emerging artists, featuring innovative and thought-provoking work.

  • Black & White Magazine: Dedicated to the art of black and white photography, featuring stunning monochrome images and articles on technique and inspiration.

Polaroid Camera

The Polaroid is a timeless gadget with nostalgic feels. Whether the gift recipient is younger or older, a professional or a casual photographer, a Polaroid camera can be something that anyone could appreciate.

In addition to the camera, you could also get them some paper for them to have in supply.

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