Gift Ideas For Plant Lovers

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Visit A Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens are places that house some of the most magnificent collections of plants. For a great wholesome time spent together, consider taking them to visit a botanical garden.

Search for a botanical garden in your local area or check out this list of the 20 best botanical gardens for locations of some of the top gardens out there.

Gift Card From A Local Nursery

Plant nurseries typically carry an abundance of different plants that they can plant at home.

Search for local nurseries in your area and see if any of them offer gift cards. If you’re in the US, check out this list of some of the best garden centers and plant nurseries.

Grow Lights

For indoor plants, grow lights have a tremendous impact at increasing the growth potential of plants.

If the gift recipient enjoys growing plants indoors, consider getting them some grow lights.

Check out this handy video for a brief introduction into using grow lights, which you can use to share knowledge with the gift recipient or to help you make a more informed choice when choosing the right light setup.

Propagation Station

A propagation station is a fantastic piece to grow indoor plants in. Beyond their functional purpose, they can be very a stylish element of the home’s interior as well.

Flower Pots

For plant lovers and growers, plants are something that there can’t be enough of. If you’re thinking of getting them some pots, consider their unique style and what you think would appeal to them the most.

You can choose between various styles, including plain, colorful, or ceramic / brass, among others.



Ceramic / Brass


For another vehicle for holding indoor plants, consider getting them a terrarium. Just like a propagation station, they play a useful function and also look great.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo plants have been incorporated as integral plants for those seeking to create a zen garden. If they have a spiritual element to them, a lucky bamboo plant can make for a great gift.

Hanging Planter

Hanging planters not only give back space that normal sitting plant pots and planters take up, but they also give a neat aesthetic by creating greenspace across a vertical field of vision.

In addition or in place of standard pots, consider getting them a hanging planter. For an added personal touch, you can even pre-fill the planter with a plant of your choice from a local nursery.

Cloche / Plant Dome

Used for protecting plants from external elements, a cloche is a great idea for outdoor planting enthusiasts.


Plants thrive in particular levels of humidity, especially when indoors. If they don’t already have one, consider getting them a good quality humidifier.

Vintage Botanical Prints

With old & retro becoming new again, vintage botanical prints may be appreciated by many today, especially plant lovers.

Garden & Flowers Playing Cards

To play your favorite card games together, with a deck that has an earthy and organic plant theme, consider getting them a deck of garden & flower themed playing cards.

Plant Themed Sweatshirt

For a more lighthearted idea, you can get a fun and quirky sweatshirt, that’s of course plant themed.

Countertop Garden

For those who enjoy growing herbs, an indoor countertop garden is a great gift idea.

It’s particularly great for those who are both plant lovers but also enjoy cooking, so that they can both grow their own herbs and make use of them in their dishes.

Bonsai Kit

If they haven’t yet dabbled in the world of bonsai tree garden, you can help get them started with a bonsai starter kit.

Pruning Shears

As they get into the bonsai tree growing practice, a key item that they’ll need is pruning shears. For a special touch, consider getting them good quality shears that are made in Japan.

Zen Garden

For a more subtle approach into bonsai tree growing and maintenance, you can instead potentially consider getting them a zen garden kit instead.

Continuous Spray Bottle

Plants need water, as most know. Some plants however need varying levels of water, with some requiring mist.

For misting plants, a great tool to have in one’s repertoire is a continuous spray bottle, which eliminates the need to constantly pump and pull the lever, as a traditional spray bottle requires.

Plant Trellises

Trellises can help guide plants to grow in specific ways and directions. They also look super cool. If they don’t already have some, consider getting them a set of plant trellises.

Rear View Mirror Charms

Lastly, for a lighter gift, a rear view mirror charm that’s plant themed is a great fun idea, if they also happen to have a car.

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