Gift Ideas For Sports Fans

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Autographed Memorabilia

Tickets To A Sporting Event

What better attraction for a sports fan than going to a live sporting event? For the perfect gift that you can be nearly certain that they’ll enjoy, get them tickets to a sporting event.

Think about what their favorite sport is and get tickets to a game. If you live in a smaller market that doesn’t have a professional sports team in the sport that they like, consider getting tickets to a minor league or college game.

You can either buy them tickets to a game or treat them by taking them out and attending a game together.


For the sports fan that enjoys a good read, consider a good book written by one of their sports heroes.

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Sports Trivia Game

Sports and facts & stats go hand in hand nicely. Let them show off and practice their sports knowledge with a trivia game.

Area Rug

Stadium Tour

Sports stadiums are packed with great history and tales. A lot of professional sports stadiums offer tours for visitors. Consider getting them tickets for a sports stadium tour.

The best way to find tickets is to search online and visit the websites of the stadiums that are near you to see if they offer such tours.

Some examples that you can find are tours of Fenway Park or Lambeau Field.

Stadium Picture Frame

Some sports, such as baseball, are known for their incredible stadiums and their rich histories. For those who love the history and stories behind the stadiums, a frame featuring their favorite stadium could make for a great gift.

For an added nice touch, if you’ve ever been to the corresponding stadium with the gift recipient, you can add a picture of you with them in the frame.


Another place to show team love is with a team styled clock.

Video Game

For the sports fan who enjoys gaming, there are a wide range of sports video games covering all major sports.

VR Sports Games

Help them take gaming to a virtual level with a VR set with a sports game included.


From vintage to modern, a sign can be a cool way for them to show love for their favorite team.

Coffee Table Book

Combine sports imagery and unique info or facts and you get a sports coffee table book.

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Stadium History Book

For a deeper dive on different stadiums and their histories, consider getting them a book on the topic.

Greeting From Their Favorite Athlete

What better greeting to get then one directly from an athlete that they’re fans of. You could get them a personalized greeting from a professional / amateur athlete, through a service like Cameo.


For tailgates or beach outings, a cooler is a neat place for them to show their team spirit.

Can Cooler

Personalized Throw Blanket

In addition to throw pillows, throw blankets are another interior home item with some utility. 

BBQ Accessories

For those who love grilling as well as sports, sports related bbq / grilling accessories can be a create way to combine both of their beloved interests or activities.

Cutting Board

For preparing food with a sports themed twist, a cutting board featuring their team is a great gift idea.

Sport Streaming Service Subscription

If they’re avid sports fans but don’t have access to all of their favorite games, you could get them a subscription to a sport streaming service

You could get a subscription to a service such as ESPN+ or DAZN, which cover various different sports. Alternatively, all of the major North American sports league offer their own exclusive streaming services, including:

Sun Hat

For sun protection while representing their team, a team themed sun hat is a great idea.

Storage Bins

Storage bins may be thought of as a pretty mundane thing, although they don’t have to be, if they can showcase the recipients favorite sports or team.

Wireless Speaker

A nice sports branded wireless speaker is a great gift for the home or for outdoor outings.


Socks won’t be a gift that they’ll be displeased with, especially if they rep their favorite team with them.

Sports Themed Vacation

Treat them to something super special like an exclusive sports themed vacation.

There are various companies that offer vacations and tours focused solely around sports and sports events.

One company that you can check out is Roadtrips, which specializes in luxury sports travel packages, including trips to major events such as the Super Bowl, Olympics, and World Cup.

Push Pin Travel Map

For those who love to travel around to different away games, a push pin travel map is a nice way that they can keep track of all of the places and stadiums that they’ve been to.

Gift Card

If you’re not fully sure what to get them, a gift card to a sports or memorabilia store is always an option.


Make something that they use regularly something they will love with a sports themed mug.

Personalized Sports Gift

Sports Memorabilia

Give them an extra personalized touch by getting them personalized sports memorabilia

This can include things like jerseys, hats, balls, bats, or decals that are customized and personalized with their names, favorite number or photos.

You can check out some of these providers that offer personalized memorabilia to get you started:


A cap or hat is a classic piece of gear where they can sport their team.


For those who love figurines, a figurine of their favorite player is something that they may surely enjoy. 


For great utility and style, a team branded backpack is something that they may enjoy.

Desk Organizer

A team branded desk organizer is a great way for them to feel connected with their team while at their desk.

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