Gift Ideas For Travelers

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Packing Cubes

Packing and unpacking can be a hassle and can cause all of their items to get disorganized. Help them solve that with packing cubes, a better and improved way of packing and organizing a suitcase.

Map With Pins

A large wall mounted map with pins is a great way for them to reflect on all of their past travel destinations and to plan for future ones.

Travel Guide / Book

To give them a sense of wonder and inspiration for future trips, an illustrated travel guide book is a great idea.

For another book themed idea, consider the New York Times Bestseller “World Travel: An Irreverent Guide” by Anthony Bourdain.

World Travel: An Irreverent Guide
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Get A flight / Travel Gift Card

If they love to travel then one thing that they most certainly would appreciate is.. well.. the gift of travel.

Of course buying a flight or vacation for someone else comes with some challenges, such as scheduling & costs.

A good middle ground is getting a travel gift card.

For a general gift card that can be used across different airlines, check out a service like Flight Gift

You can also get the Pack & Go Swap Gift Card which can be used across various different travel related merchants.

Another cool option is something like Tingly, which lets you purchase different experiences and destinations as gifts.

Individual airlines, hotels, and booking sites also offer gift cards. Some examples include:

Lastly, if they like cruises, consider getting them a gift certificate for a cruise, such as from Holland America Line, Celebrity Cruise Lines, or Princess Cruise Lines.

Travel Laundry Bag

For those who are traveling and aren’t able to access a washing machine, or for those who simply just like doing things themselves, a hand washing bag unit is a great way for them to clean clothes on the go.

TSA Approved Liquids Bag

Going through the security line when traveling can be hassle, with taking out and counting the total contents of toiletries taking up a good chunk of time. Help them save time and make the process more smooth with a TSA approved toiletry / cosmetic pouch. 

Tickets To A Travel Trade Show

There are many different types of tourism and travel trade shows in the world and across the US. They are excellent places to get first hand exposure to industry developments and unique products and travel related experiences.

Check out if there are any travel trade shows in your area and see if you could purchase tickets to attend one.

References - Travel Trade Shows:

Neck / Travel Pillow

The classic traveler accompaniment: the travel pillow. If theirs is a bit worn, or if they don’t have one, consider getting them a good quality travel pillow.  

Aside from the typical “u-shaped” travel pillow that most are so accustomed to, another alternative option is a standard shaped pillow for travel.

Some might find this type of shape more comfortable as it’s what they’re likely more used to. They can also be more compressible than the typical “u-shaped” travel pillow, which is especially important if you’re crammed for space.

Hydrating Flight Face Mask

Long flights and travel itineraries can cause fatigue and dehydration. A great idea for travelers that want to take care of their skin is a deep hydration face mask.

Sleep Mask

For helping to get to sleep, a sleep mask is a great aid. Consider a higher quality one, that doesn’t apply pressure on the eyes and is fully light blocking.

Sleep Headphones

Another version of a sleep mask, consider getting them sleep headphones, which combines that function of light blocking for the eyes while integrating wireless headphones that let them listen to their favorite tunes when resting or falling asleep.

Travel Document Holder

Help them keep their travel documents organized and in one place with a neat travel document holder.

Action Camera / GoPro

Help them take videos of their travels with an action camera.

The classic that has been well regarded and loved over the years, of course, is the GoPro.

There are however some options at lower price points that serve many of the same functions, if that falls better under your budget.

Action Camera Accessories

What makes an action camera especially great is its versatility and the option of attaching various different accessories. 

For the GoPro Hero11, consider a standard set of the most essential accessories, which includes a carrying case, head strap, and much more.

Similarly, you can get accessories that fit many types of action cameras from an alternative brand at a lower price point. 

Lastly, instead of opting for a whole set, you can get one individual add-on component, such as a waterproof floating hand grip, which is great for taking videos during things like jet skiing, without one having to worry about loosing their camera.


Lastly, instead of using an action camera to capture footage of their travels, they can just use their smartphone.

One way to make taking videos and photos more convenient is with a tripod, which could be set up to help with taking selfies or time lapses.

Instant Camera / Polaroid

A fun vintage item that has seen a resurgence in popularity recently is the Polaroid camera, which lets you take photos and instantly creates a print of the photo that you’ve captured. 

To set them up fully, and if it’s in your price range, consider getting them a whole set, including the camera, additional print paper, and a camera bag.

Aside from the classic Polaroid, there are other instant cameras out there as well, such as the Fujifilm Instax Mini.


A scrapbook is a great gift that can help them organize small items or photos from their trips. 

Another great idea, if they have or if you’re getting them an instant camera, is a scrapbook that’s designed to hold prints from their instant camera.

Travel Journal

For those who love to write or journal, a beautifully designed travel journal is a nice touch. 

Postage Stamps

What is more associated with different countries / destinations than postage stamps.

If they’re into stamp collecting, consider getting them some stamps from places they have been or want to visit.

For keeping neat and organized, a stamp album is essential.

Create A Photo Collage

If the traveler you’re looking to get a gift for has a collection of travel photos, consider making a photo collage for them.

You can use some popular online photo collage / graphic making platforms such as:

It would ideally be best to use a collection of photos from a trip that you have taken together.

Alternatively, you can search for stock photos online to compile your own created collage of places that they want to visit, to give them some inspiration for their next trip.

If creating a photo collage is absolutely not something you can see yourself doing, you could always get them a gift certificate for a subscription to one of the photo collage platforms mentioned.

Item Locator / Bluetooth Tracker

To help them from loosing their belongings, a Bluetooth tracker is a great thing to have.

If you’re unsure what smartphone device they use, consider the Chipolo ONE, which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Alternatively, if you know what phone they have, you can opt for specific tags such as the Galaxy SmartTag or AirTags.

Apple AirTag 4 Pack
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Tech Organizer

A tech organizer is great for keeping tech items organized, such as cables, memory cards, small devices, and more.

Universal Plug Adapter

For international travel, a power adapter is an essential item. Give them an upgrade with a cool All In One adapter, which let you plug in regular outlets as well as USB cables.

Portable White Noise Machine

For those who have trouble sleeping, especially when they’re traveling away from home, a white noise machine can potentially be a solution for them.

Take them to a restaurant with a specific cuisine

Is there a country that they’ve mentioned they want to visit? Or is there one that they’ve already visited and have absolutely loved?

If so, then one way to absorb the cultures of different destinations is through their cuisines.

Search your local area and take them out to a restaurant that offers the cuisines of some of the places that they love or want to visit.

Nail Clipper Set

Give them the gift of being groomed and manicured with a complete nail clipper and grooming kit.

Packable Down Jacket

You never know when the weather may change and cooler conditions may arise. To be prepared, it’s good to bring a jacket just in case.

Jackets however can be bulky, which isn’t great for travel when you’re trying to conserve space. A great solution, then, is a portable down jacket, which can be packed in their suitcase and doesn’t take up much weight or space.

Compact Slippers

For those who want to stay comfy indoors, a pair of their own slippers is a great thing to have.

Create a personalized itinerary for them

Help them set their next travel plans by creating a personalized custom itinerary for them.

Think about places that they’ve mentioned they want to visit. You can then research interesting attractions, landmarks, restaurants, and places that they can visit there.

Take all of this info and create a fully personalized itinerary for them. Check out this cool post that provides templates and different ways of creating a custom itinerary.

As a nice personalized combo gift, you can create the custom itinerary along with getting a travel gift card that can be used towards the trip.

Foldable Travel Hangers

For those who like to unpack and stay organized, having hangers is convenient. Hangers can be bulky however. The solution to that are travel hangers that can fully fold to save space.

Door Stop Alarm

Some who are traveling in different places may want another layer of safety where they’re staying at. One such way for that is with a door stop alarm.

Travel Brush

A mostly fundamental item, a travel brush set can be a great addition possibly in combination with other gift ideas.

Lighted Makeup Mirror

For those who enjoy getting ready in front of the mirror, a lighted mirror is a nice piece to have. A foldable option is particularly convenient and useful for travel.

Travel Mug

For those who are doing more local or road travel, a travel mug is always great to have for packing and taking warm drinks with.

Electric Cooler

Another idea for the local / road traveler is an electric cooler which can help keep their drinks cold on their trips.

Language Learning App Subscription

As a traveler visits a new country, it’s often very convenient and useful to speak and understand the language that’s used there.

Help them get by in countries that use other languages that they’re unfamiliar with, by getting them a subscription to a language learning app.

There is a whole range of different language learning apps based on different methods and principles. Check out this handy resource comparing some of the most popular language apps.

Many of the popular language apps have options to gift a subscription.

Some notable ones to check out, with options that allow you to gift a subscriptions to others include:

Travel Cup Holder

When lugging your suitcase, it’s quite inconvenient to be holding other items, such as mugs or bottled beverages. There is a solution for that, with some neat travel cup holders that mount onto luggage.

Travel Jewelry Case

For those who love jewelry, a travel jewelry case is a great gift idea for helping them keeping all of their items well organized and in one place.

Collapsible Travel Water Bottle

Water is always an essential to have. However, carrying around large water bottles can be a bit much, especially if you’re trying to conserve space as much as possible. A great solution for that is a collapsible travel water bottle.

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