How to Ask for Money for a Graduation Gift

Let’s face it – we all like money. Getting money as a gift is always awesome – especially if you’re graduating and about to be on your own for the first time ever. Even if you’ll be living at home or your parents are footing your college bill, money is universal. We all love it.

How do you ask for money for a graduation gift though? Or is doing so even an option? The answer is…”it depends”

Before you roll your eyeballs, read on to find out what it depends on. You may be surprised and you may even find you are in luck.

🌅 What’s Your Situation?

Your situation will determine a lot about if asking for money as a gift is appropriate. If you’re a spoiled brat and have everything handed to you on a silver platter, you might want to just gracefully accept the socks, underwear, and whatever else you might receive for your twelve of so years of studies.

But, if you are moving out on your own or trying to pay for college by yourself (or even part of it), your request is more reasonable. Perhaps you don’t own a car and are trying to save up to buy one so you can get a job or continue your education. If so, many will understand why you want cash versus a random gift.

💸 Benefits of Cash Gifts

There are tons of benefits when it comes to having cash gifts.

If you’re saving for something special like your first apartment, a car, or your college education, money is very helpful in reaching your goal.

If you don’t have a special project you’ll be using it for, no worries. Money comes in handy for everything from eating and gassing up the car to splurging on a day at the spa or whatever else you’d like to do.

You are the one who attended all those years of school, and you deserve to spend your money the way you want to…within reason.

Let’s be clear. If you tell your gift givers that you’re using the money for something in particular, do it. To do otherwise is dishonest. If you don’t want to broadcast what you intend to do with any funds you receive, you’re not required to do so.

Other perks of having cash include the fact that you won’t have the struggle of figuring out what to do with all the gifts because according to statistics, approximately three-quarters of the gifts other than cash that people are given get returned or regifted or end up in the garbage can.

🎓 Ways to Ask for Graduation Money as a Gift

At the risk of coming across greedy, needy, or assumptive, you don’t want to just belt it out that you would like cash for your graduation gift. Neither do you want to plaster it on your announcement or invitation.

There are much more tactful ways to approach the situation such as:

  1. Just say it. Some people feel awkward about giving money as a gift. They don’t want to come across as impersonal. Many also don’t have a clue as to how much to give and don’t want to go too low…or too high.

    If you are really close to someone, you should be able to communicate with them on a personal level and vice versa. They may even ask for an amount which you shouldn’t give unless you think they are going to give more or for some other righteous reason.

  2. Hint. While it’s not really good manners to hint for presents, if someone is speaking indirectly or directly about your gift and give the impression they are fishing for thoughts on what to get you, it doesn’t hurt to lay out a clue or two. “Anything is appreciated,” you might say. “I’d even love some cash.”

  3. Outsource the task. It’s common for people to ask the parents what to give the graduate. You might make it known to them what you’d really like and if they deem it appropriate, you might get your wish.

  4. Invites. While gifts aren’t usually mentioned on a graduation invitation or announcement, there are ways you can slip it in…humorous ways. You could put “registered at Any Bank” or anything else you can think up that’s witty and not rude.

  5. Risk it. As long as you aren’t being out of place by asking or making it know that you would like cash for your graduation gift, there’s not a lot of harm in it and it should come as no surprise. Cash is the obvious gift to give a graduate because who could need it more?

  6. Rely on Stats. Fortune Magazine recently reported that 53% of all gift givers give money as graduation gifts. You might be raking in the dough without even having to ask.

It’s All About Class

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking about graduation gifts. Gifts are part of the tradition. But don’t lose sight of what really matters and that’s the people behind the gifts (and…the no gifts) and the fact that…school’s out forever!

Cheryl Jerabek
Cheryl Jerabek
Cheryl is a professional writer that has been writing ever since she could hold a crayon. She has authored over 200 fiction and non-fiction books for teens and adults (both credited and ghost-written) on a wide range of subjects. Cheryl also writes blogs and articles on various topics and themes. Residing in a small mountain community in Southwest Colorado, Cheryl draws her inspiration from the gorgeous scenery, her 2 adult children, and 3 grandchildren. She enjoys traveling, party and event planning, and hanging out with family and friends. “I write so you don’t have to,” is Cheryl’s motto.

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