How To Gift Wrap A Cylinder

Wrapping a cylinder shaped gift takes a bit of a different method than a square or rectangle shaped one. However, once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze.

Follow these easy steps to properly wrap a cylinder shaped gift.

Required Materials

Wrapping Paper

Step 1: Measure and cut sides

First we’re going to measure and cut the sides.

Step 2: Measure and cut paper to cover the cylinder

Now we’re going to roll the cylinder in the paper to measure and cut the right length to cover it.

Step 3: Tape Paper To Cylinder

Now that the paper is fully cut to the right lengths, tape the paper to the cylinder.

Step 4: Roll cylinder and add tape

After the paper is taped to the cylinder, roll the paper and tape the other end.

Step 5: Close Side 1

Close the sides by gently pressing your thumb and pushing the paper towards the center. Move around the edges and continue repeating this.

Step 6: Close Side 2

Do the same as in the previous step. Just pinch the paper with your thumb towards the center, and keep moving around pinching each part.


That’s it! You can add a bow tie to one of the sides for some extra style.

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