Gift Ideas For People Who Love To Meditate

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Tibetan singing bowl

Tibetan singing bowls are thought to have originated thousands of years ago, with countries such as Tibet, Nepal and India having singing bowls in their history and culture dating back some 2000 years.

They are considered to have many purposes in addition to being used for reaching a state of deep relaxation.

A Tibetan Singing Bowl is an excellent gift idea for someone who loves to meditate.

Meditation App Subscription Gift Card

Meditation apps have seen a substantial increase in prominence and popularity over the years.

Many of them purport to help with coping with stress, anxiety, and creating habits for better sleep. There have even been academic studies validating their efficacies, such as that of the “Calm” app, which was found to reduce stress among college students.

There are many different meditation apps out on the market, and most offer options to gift a subscription to someone else. 

Check out some of these popular meditation apps and their gift card options:


Meditation cushion

Meditation typically involves sitting low for prolonged periods. A meditation cushion is essential to making the process more comfortable.

Meditation Candles

Candles are another item that is often present when meditating. This premium candle is layered and is specifically intended for meditation. 

Comfy Clothing

Exercising meditation in uncomfortable clothing just seems like an odd proposition.

To help them stay comfortable during their practices, consider getting them some quality comfy clothing.

Spa Gift Certificate

Spas and meditation are often considered to be in the same realm. Spas are a place for calmness and tranquility, much like meditative practices.

For a nice time for them to relax and recharge, consider getting them a gift certificate to a spa.

Search online for spas in their local area and check out the different providers and their services and reviews. 

Water fountain / mini waterfall

A lot of people know intuitively that the sounds of water provide a sense of calm and tranquility.

More than that, there is even preliminary evidence that water sounds may have a stress reducing effect, particularly on those with somatic complaints. 

A small indoor waterfall is a great way to enjoy the presence of the visuals and sounds of water.

Herbal Tea Set

For an added sense of tranquility before, during, or after their meditative practices, consider getting them a set of good quality herbal teas.

Gift certificate to a yoga studio

Yoga also possesses many similar properties to mediation. A gift certificate to a yoga studio, then, makes for a great gift idea.

Just as with a spa, it’s best to do an online search for yoga studios in their local area

There are often many local yoga studios in major cities across the world, with many offering gift certificates.

Check out some of the local providers in the gift recipient’s area and evaluate their service offerings, convivence of their location, and reviews / testimonials.

Meditation Books

Meditation books are an easy way for one to get into or expand their meditative practices. There are many meditation books out there though, so be sure to read their reviews thoroughly.

Mindfulness Reflection Journal

If the recipient is into writing or journaling, consider getting them a reflection journal.

Gift Card For A Meditation retreat

Meditation retreats are an excellent way to escape and deeply engage in meditation or mindfulness. 

They often take place in person over one or several days, and incorporate a set of different meditation practices.

There are many meditation centers and societies that offer meditation retreats as well as gift cards that you can buy for someone to use towards a retreat.

Some examples include:

These are just some examples, check to see if there are any other meditation retreats closer to where the recipient lives.

In terms of another more versatile gift card option, check out BookRetreats, which offers a gift card that can be used for meditation, yoga, wellness, and other retreats at different centers across the US and beyond.

If visiting a retreat in person isn’t a viable possibility for the recipient, then consider an online meditation retreat for them instead. One such site that specializes in these is “Peace Inside Me“, for example.

Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are another essential piece that many meditators enjoy having within their space.

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