What to Do for Someone Who Doesn’t Celebrate Their Birthday

Acknowledging someone on their birthday is customary in many countries – but not all of them. Most religions allow for birthday celebrations too – but not all. According to Happy Birthday 2 All, certain faith groups don’t believe in birthday celebrations.

Other people simply don’t like the attention or have other reasons for not wanting any attention on their special day.

So what can do you for someone who doesn’t celebrate their birthday – no matter what the reason might be?

🎂 How to Handle a Non-Celebration

A 2018 study that polled medical students revealed that out of 309 individuals polled, 18.1% didn’t celebrate their birthdays.

Since there are a multitude of reasons for non-celebrating individuals, you’ll first want to consider why your friend or family member isn’t celebrating.

Once you know why, you can go from there to find a way to make them feel loved.

🕯️ Religious Purposes

If the birthday person isn’t celebrating due to religious reasons, it would be overstepping personal boundaries to ignore their faith and throw a surprise party or even to give them a gift. What you can do though is to take them to dinner, a movie, or do something special on a day that is not their birthday and call it a “just because” because…really, it is.

📅 Milestones

Sometimes a person chooses to be forever young. Did the birthday person stop celebrating at 21 or 40 because they refuse to admit they are getting older? If so, while an “Over the Hill” party would be rude, you could give them a small gift or take them somewhere nice to eat or to an entertainment place like bowling or to a football game. Age doesn’t need to be mentioned.

💕 Sadly Sentimental

If the special someone who is having a birthday recently lost a loved one and prefers not to celebrate for reasons of sadness, honor their wishes. No celebration is needed to cook them a dinner, bake a pie, or at least grace them with a phone call or visit. The fact that they are having a birthday can be placed on the back burner. Spending time together is special enough.

🎂 Celebrate Friendship…Celebrate Love

Celebrating friendship and love are much more important than celebrating one day out of the year. You can pick another day to celebrate the birthday person or celebrate them year-round. As long as you show them how you feel about them, it’s all good.

Cheryl Jerabek
Cheryl Jerabek
Cheryl is a professional writer that has been writing ever since she could hold a crayon. She has authored over 200 fiction and non-fiction books for teens and adults (both credited and ghost-written) on a wide range of subjects. Cheryl also writes blogs and articles on various topics and themes. Residing in a small mountain community in Southwest Colorado, Cheryl draws her inspiration from the gorgeous scenery, her 2 adult children, and 3 grandchildren. She enjoys traveling, party and event planning, and hanging out with family and friends. “I write so you don’t have to,” is Cheryl’s motto.

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